High Tensile Applications

The Hard-Cut series was specifically developed for machining hardened materials. The Hard-Cut end mill is the specialist for the requirements of hard milling due to a very high wear-resistant carbide substrate combined with a suitable PVD coating. Ball nose end mills and torus end mills with very tight tolerances are available for the die and mold industry.


Variable spacing

  • High number of flutes enable high feed rates
  • High-performance coating
  • Stable design due to large core diameter

Main feature:

  • Machining hard materials up to 66 HRC.
  • Note: The cold-air nozzle provides effective cooling in hard milling.

Available tools:

  • Solid carbide end mills
  • Solid carbide end mills with corner radius
  • Solid carbide ball nose end mills
  • Solid carbide torus end mills

Hard-Cut Products