High Speed Milling

The Jet-Cut series was particularly developed for HPC respectively HSC machining. The HPC area is covered by 3 product ranges with different rake angles (-10°, 0° and +10°). Due to a high number of flutes on the HSC tool both the maximum feed rate and the best possible surface quality can be achieved.

HPC characteristics:

  • Variable spacing
  • Enlarged chip gashes
  • High-performance coating
  • Radial chip formers

HSC characteristics:

  • Number of flutes equal to cutting diameter
  • High performance coating
  • Wear-resistant carbide substrate

Main feature:

  • High metal removal rate combined with the best possible surface quality.


  • The term DUPLEX refers to combination tools for high-performance cutting (HPC) and high-feed cutting (HFC). The peripheral cutting edges are fitted with an HPC geometry, the face cutting edges with high-feed geometry which allow very high feed rates at a low depth of cut.

Jet-Cut Products