GIGANT-IC Indexable Thread Milling

GIGANT-IC Bodies & Inserts

This unique indexable insert thread mill solution provides 4x longer tool life and unsurpassed thread finish quality – the industry's most versatile system for threads 1" – M24 and above. Emuge Gigant-ic is based on lean manufacturing principles and facilitates quick set-ups and rapid changeovers for a wide range of threading applications.

Circular thread milling bodies

  • For the production of large internal and external threads
  • Only 2 inserts are required for multiple thread diameters and pitches – UN, UNC, UNF, UNEF, UNJF, UNS, M, MF, MJ, NPT, NPSM, API
  • With up to ten 4-tooth indexable inserts (independent of pitch)
  • Tool for different thread sizes and pitches
  • A ready prepared thread hole is necessary, including chamfer if needed

GIGANT-IC Indexable Thread Milling Products